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  • How much are tickets?
    Ticket prices range from event to event. Check out the upcoming fair page to learn more about the events.
  • Where can I get carnival ticket?
    Carnival tickets are available during the event. Check out the Upcoming Fairs to see if pre-sale tickets are available
  • Are the rides safe?
    Yes! The safety of our customers takes priority over everything else. We have children and realize just how precious they are. Safety inspections are performed each day before we are open to the public. Each ride is thoroughly inspected by the operator, a manager as well as by one of the owners. Managers are walking the grounds during operating hours keeping an eye on everything and making spot inspections as they see fit. We are proactive where safety is concerned. Each ride has a set height requirement by the manufactures. One of our managers and the owner will run each ride when it is new to see if the manufacturers requirements will meet our strict standards. After careful consideration we will often increase the minimum height restrictions because we just don’t feel they are adequate.
  • Coronavirus Concerns
    As a family-owned and operated small business, we has always strived to maintain an environment that is family-oriented, fun, and safe. As the current COVID-19 outbreak continues to develop, we are holding true to our commitment to safety by implementing the following: Frequent sanitization of rides including seating areas, lap bars, seat belts, etc. Frequent sanitization of commonly touched areas such as ride fencing. Frequent sanitization of eating areas and tables. Spacing of guests on rides so there will be a minimum of at least one empty seat in front of, behind, or beside guests that are not from the same riding group. We will continue to monitor this situation as it develops and will follow all state and government regulation. Thank you for your continuing support during this time.
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